Tables crafted by Specialized Carpentry of  Naples

     Natural Timber uses only the finest local woods in our handcrafted furniture. We start our process when the tree is being felled, having it cut in just the right places to capture the special beauty in each piece to give it its own unique appeal and offer a vision of what it will become.

     Next it's off to the local sawmill where the sawyer carefully selects where to make each cut to reveal the true character of the piece, each made unique by the life the tree lived.

     Then it's time for the drying process where the heat from the sun, not direct sunlight, slowly does the wood drying. Some pieces can take over a year to dry depending on the types of wood and how it was cut. We take our time to bring out the full beauty of our wood.

     After that it goes to the local craftsmen and artists who put their own unique touch to make each piece an amazing work of art.